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T H E    S T Y L I S H   T O U R I S T

Welcome to my world where travel and style collide. In this space I share my outfits, experiences and recommendations from my recent travels. It is my hope that anyone who stops by this space will leave with a little inspiration and courage to explore somewhere new and of course in style!

A D R I E N N E   J U S T I N E

I fell in love with traveling at a young age. I was lucky to have parents that were sometimes required by their jobs to travel and even move and that I could tag along. As an adult I was still that adventurous girl that loved  to travel and after completing university in Jamaica, I left my family, my cat,
my best friends, my comfort zone and moved to Miami. During this time putting outfits together and filming lookbooks and OOTD videos for my youtube channel became a fun hobby for me. At some point I knew that I wanted to start a blog devoted to my love for fashion and travel. I was inspired by many travel bloggers that allowed their passion to take them around the world. On my 24th birthday, I decided that I would abandon all the fears that stifled my love for travel and that I would start planning my own trips, explore this beautiful world, learn new cultures, meet new people and create amazing memories.  This new experience has been a dream come true for me and I'm so happy to be able to share this with you.

xo Adrie