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4 Films Every Heartbroken Traveler Should Watch

Grab a pint of  Häagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry's and get cozy because this movie night will take your heartbreak and turn it into wanderlust.

1. Under The Tuscan Sun

A new divorcee gets the trip of a lifetime from her best friend to go to Tuscany, Italy where she decides to stay and never look back. Who wouldn't? With breathtaking landscape scenes of Tuscany, Positano's coast and Florence you will quickly fall in love with Italy. The screenwrtie does a fantastic job at capturing the smells, tastes and feeling of Italy. Throughout the film Frances learns the importance of sponteniety, self love and finding/ creating happiness. Although she sees the casualties of love, Frances remains hopeful as she helps two young lovers be together. This film will evoke many laughs a few sighs and after many years it remains a favorite.

2. Leap Year

After patiently waiting on Jeremy to pop the question, Anna hops on a plane, boat, buggy and travels by foot determined to get to Dublin to surprise Jeremy with the unconventional Irish folklore tradition of proposing to him on Feb the 29th. With the green Irish countryside speckled with pubs, farms and castles as her backdrop, her journey to Dublin is quite picturesque. There is a humorous contrast between Anna's uptight and controlling persona and the very laid back feel of Ireland. Throughout the film Anna learns to stop trying to control the universe and let fate work its magic. There is also a drastic and abrupt shift in her ideas of what is important in life and what she wants verses what she needs. This movie is filled with Irish humor and will have you belly laughing. It teaches many lessons about love and life and is inspiring.

3. Eat Pray Love 

Liz finds herself stuck in a marriage, job and life that she does not want. Determined to get out she decides to embark on a spiritual, physical, and emotional journey which leads her to Italy, India and Bali. These three destinations represent three different stages of her path to self discovery and self growth.

EAT: Italy

From shopping to eating this part of Liz's journey is about indulgence. If it brings her happiness she goes after it. She savors all the flavors and aromas that Italy has to offer. Between the pizza, pasta, and gelato, the Italian scenes will leave your mouth watering. 

PRAY: India

This stage of Liz's journey is vastly different from her time in Italy. She strips herself of physical pleasures and luxuries while focusing on her spiritual life. Here she takes on a life of simplicity which involves fasting and a lot of meditation. She learns the importance of being still and quiet and listening to what God is telling you. The colorful and vibrant scenes display how inviting India is.

LOVE: Bali

Liz ends her year long journey in Bali where she tries to find a balance of her lifestyle in Italy and India. The beauty of Bali is breathtaking. It is very suiting that amongst the tall palm trees and the vast green rice fields Liz finds her soulmate. 

4. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II

These four best friends who are many miles apart have a tradition of mailing each other a pair of lucky jeans which oddly they can all fit. Whenever one of them is in need of a little luck or support, they get the 'traveling pants' to wear. They each make summer travel plans to go after a dream. For Carmen that's an acting workshop in Vermont. Bridget digs up the past in Alabama where she discovers the truth about her mother's suicide, and later in Turkey where she goes on an incredible archeology trip. Tibby pursues her dream of finishing a script in New York City. Lena follows her heart back to the beautiful Greek isles where she first fell in love, with the hope to restore her relationship. Throughout the film they each have their fair share of heartbreak and learn that by holding on to their strong bond of friendship they can overcome anything. This one is a great pick for a girls night in.

Most of these films have best selling novels which delve even further into these stories on love and travel. I hope these films bring you cheer and inspire you to plan your next adventure !

Adrienne Justine