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Fab Finds under $50 : The Anti-Minimalist

Minimal style has become extremely popular and it's understandable why. A minimalist's clothing items are super repeatable and the aesthetics are notably crisp, simple and sharp. The original idea behind minimal fashion was that you have a small collection of clothing that you love with items that can be mixed and matched. The 2016 minimalist is a lot different and could have multiples of the same dress, shirt, jacket etc with very slight variations in the design. As a minimal style lover even I must admit that in this age of whites, blacks, nudes and grey I am really missing texture, dimension and multicolored fashion. So this week's Fab Finds under $50 is featuring pieces that have tremendous detail and are far from basic. I call this collection the anti-minimalist.

This collection is the product of a lot skimming through the latest arrivals from some of my favorite online stores and believe me they were hard to find among the sea of minimal style items. If minimal style is your thing that's great, but if you're only into it because it's trendy or convenient I dare you to try something a little more out of the box. Fashion is an art and personal style is an expression of you, so rock it however you chose !

xo Adrie