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For me these accessories can quite literally transform any vacation outfit making it look like some effort was put into it. Dark red lipstick is a timeless classic that will add a feminine boldness to your look. Mirrored/ polarized sunglasses are really trendy right now. Not only will these make your outfit stylish but it's great for hiding eye bags and tired eyes that often come with traveling for long hours. Black chockers have definitely made a comeback and will add a fun and youthful feel to your look. Lace-up anything is really stylish but lace-up sandals are especially chic and can be useful for people whose feet get a bit swollen while traveling as straps are adjustable. Boater hats are super cute and although they scream tourist, they make for great pictures and can conceal a bad hair day which may be common after consecutive days at the pool/ beach/ river etc. 

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