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Portland, JAMAICA

Portland is the most beautiful parish in Jamaica. If you're looking for a place with rivers, lagoons waterfalls and beaches with a backdrop of lush hills and mountains Portland is your place. Another great thing is that this parish in not typically flooded by tourists and there is a very laid back vybe. There are so many places to see in Portland that its impossible to do it all in one day. Having been to Portland many times here's what I recommend to do in a day.


Frenchman's cove has a river that empties into a beach. It's honestly the best of both worlds on one property. When I was there it was so hot that I just stayed in the cool river. Everyone gravitates towards the swing in the river that is attached and shaded by a tree. Its so relaxing and fun to jump off of.  If you get hungry there is a great restaurant that serves traditional Jamaican food. There are also usually venders that sell common Jamaican fruits. The facilities are up to date so you won't have to freak out if you need to use the bathroom. There is an entry fee for this property but it's very affordable and definitely worth it !

Boston beach is the place to go for Jamaican jerk chicken and pork. The beach is always filled with surfers, skateboarders and beach-goers. This beach has some of the best waves in Jamaica for surfing.  Looking out to sea from this beach is really enchanting, especially as the sun sets. This location is free and open to the public. 

Your trip to Portland is incomplete if you haven't visited the spectacular Sommeset falls. This property is likely to be the most fun for a diverse group as there are water slides, a petting zoo and boat rides to the falls.  
So maybe you've already been to some of these places and you want different ideas, or maybe you are staying in Portland for more than one day. I highly recommend rafting on the Rio Grande. This is a great way to explore one of Jamaica's largest rivers while possibly being pampered with a limestone foot scrub. Trident Castle is also a beautiful and worthwhile visit. You may also want to check out the famous Blue Lagoon.