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Little Havana, MIAMI

Today was my first trip to Calle Ocho, the heart of Little Havana and I was captivated by the colors the culture and the rhythm. Little Havana is a neighborhood which is home to many Cubans and el gallo (a famous rooster you will see on just about every corner). Many refer to it as a piece of Cuba in the United States hence its name. Like Wynwood Art District, Calle Ocho has a lot of vibrant murals, street art and some open museums and art galleries.

Walking along Calle Ocho (which literally means eighth street) I could smell so many delicious foods and saw so many live musicians playing in restaurants with tourists and residents alike watching and dancing. You just instantly feel so alive.

Two of the best Cuban restaurants to go to in Little Havana are Versailles Restaurant and.. surprise.. Little Havana Restaurant. I've been there many times and I have never been disappointed. Today I wanted to try somewhere new and ended up at a Mexican grill called El Taquito. The food was delicious and despite a few pest instances my overall experience there was great.

If you are planning to drive into Little Havana, most restaurants provide parking for their customers, besides that it may be very difficult to find parking. There are lots of other means of transportation  into Little Havana such as tour buses or public transportation if you are looking for a more affordable option. As for the outfit, I felt like this dress had a very free and flirty feel to it. I wanted something that I could dance in that would move with me and something light. If you are a heel lover I would recommend wearing block heels or wedges when exploring a new place. 

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  1. Amazing post Darling:) You look Gorgeous:) Kisses Karina

  2. I've only been there to go to the ice cream place...yums. I need to go check out the restaurants :D

  3. Thanks for your blog.
    Our Raider Nation group will be there in November. The tour bus stops at a restaurant on Calle Ocho for lunch and shopping.
    We'll definitely follow your recommendations, thanks!