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Layover in Bogotá, COLOMBIA

My glimpse of Bogotá was short but beautiful. Although I didn't get very far from El Dorado International airport during my layover I am really happy I decided to explore. Having come from Cartagena, Bogotá's winter climate was surprising. I was definitely undressed ! That being said, there's nothing like a cool day in August. My boyfriend and I trotted from the airport with our suitcase as far as we could go. We ended up sitting in a green area with lots of trees and lush grass. We even found a fruit lady and enjoyed a delicious fruit bowl. Just sitting and feeling the cold air brush past us and watching the cars pass by was much better than spending our 4 hour layover inside the airport. As the time for our flight approached we headed back to the airport and stumbled across the beautiful statue shown above. To me it depicts mother earth holding up a man as he looks up to her. The most marvelous part of this piece is that as the sun or moon passes over the piece it creates a visual of mother earth shining light down upon the man. It is truly a piece of art. I will definitely have to visit Bogota for a longer time. This was truly the most beautiful layover experience I have had, and I encourage you guys, if you do have a long layover, to explore outside as much as possible.